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Wednesday, March 26

How to Become Location Independent - Work & Career

There's a fairly new buzz phrase going around among small business owners/entrepreneurs and it's called the location independent entrepreneur. Basically that means having the ability to work from anywhere in the world, without being tied to an office, a cubicle, or a specific location.  If you are an employee it's also a great opportunity to begin to incorporate some new ideas if you value working from home. I've experienced working from home as an employee, and now as an entrepreneur. I know that working this way is not necessarily everyone's cup of tea, but for the people who would love to explore this opportunity, these tips should position you so that you can begin to make that transition.

Decide What You Can And Cannot Live Without
As I often say, everything has an opportunity cost. Being a minimalist, I have no problem living with less "stuff". Having the ability to pick up and go, when ever I want to, is something that I treasure. I love to travel, I love experiencing new places and meeting new people, so for me, having the ability to live my life to the fullest and still work (by having my laptop, my iPad, and my phone) are all things that afford me freedom and independence. But you have to decide for yourself what you can live with and what you can't live without. Maybe having a community of co-workers that you interact with every day is important to you, or maybe knowing where you are going to be each and every day is something that you value. Be honest with yourself about what you know you need, and what you know you could let go of.

Embrace The Wonderful World Of Technology 
Being location independent doesn't mean that you have no human contact, in fact, when you tap into technology you open yourself up to the abundance of the world. I do much of my work online, I teach courses, I coach, I write blogs, I record videos, and I am able to interact with people across my social networking sites from all over the world. It's really impossible to be location independent and not have a web presence, so if you are afraid of being searched on Google then this work model may not be a good fit for you.

Negotiate With Your Employer
As an employee you can still experience the flexibility of being able to design your work/life balance so that it suits you more based on your personal needs and desires. Don't shy away from having a conversation with your boss. Make sure that you are armed with valuable reasons why working from home, or becoming location independent, would  be in your company's best interest. Showcase your talents, and how your value to them would increase if you had such flexibility. Begin to think about ways in which you could increase your employer's bottom line by such an arrangement. You may not get everything you want in the deal, but you may get every Friday as a day in which you could experience working from home, you never know.

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