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Wednesday, May 7

One Decision Can Have Multiple Consequences - Choose Wisely

Have you ever set out on a journey, and you weren't quite sure how to get there and so you followed the directions that you thought were right but you ended up someplace else. I know this has happened to you before, because it happens to all of us. I can remember one day when I was driving to see a client and I used my "Smart Phone" GPS system, which when I followed the directions I ended up in an abandoned field. I ended up being late for an important appointment because I had to drive around in circles trying to find the place, then I had to stop at a gas station to ask for directions, only to discover that my destination was on the other side of town. Obviously the GPS application on my "Smart Phone" wasn't smart enough to update the changes in the route, nor did it notify me that the business had moved and that the old address was now a vacant lot.

One decision to trust my GPS navigation resulted in multiple consequences...
1. I got lost
2. I was late for my appointment
3. I became frustrated
4. I could have lost an important client

Sometimes when we make choices we don't think about all of the consequences that could happen as a result.  Had I mapped out my route the night before, had I left a little earlier, I could have avoided all of those consequences and I would have made my way to my appointment, on time and stress free.

Choices in life, and in love, can lead to multiple consequences. Here's how you can avoid spiraling down the wrong path in terms of the choices you make:

Do Your Due Diligence
We spend more time researching and investigating how to buy the right kind of car or house than we spend in making decisions about important life matters and in entering into relationships. Don't give away your trust too easily, it is to be earned. Believe that you are worth someone putting in the effort to gain your trust before you make a decision to proceed forward.

Get An Accountability Partner
Get with someone who can and who will tell you the truth about what you are thinking about doing. Someone who you know has your best interest at heart, and preferably someone who doesn't have a dog in the fight. As smart as you are, you still need someone in your corner. It doesn't hurt to talk it over with a good friend, a trusted family member, or a Life Coach such as myself, to help you gain clarity before you move forward.

Much Success!
Dr. Jacki


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